How OpenLot Works
Watch this video to learn how OpenLot works.
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Search & Compare

You want to find available equipment that’s a fair price and perfect for the job. OpenLot lets you search the real-time inventories of local, vetted rental shops to find that perfect machine for you and for the job.

Searching on OpenLot is easy. Just enter your location, choose your dates, and select the type of equipment you need. OpenLot will show you all the available equipment that matches your search. You can compare the specs, pricing, and delivery fees across different shops to find the right equipment for you.


You’ve found the perfect machine for your needs. Book it fast online!

The first time you rent equipment through OpenLot, we ask for some information about you. This is the same information all rental companies ask for when you rent directly from them. They need this info so their insurance covers the rental. Booking through OpenLot means you never have to provide that info to a rental shop again.

Once you’ve rented once, booking through OpenLot takes less than 1 minute.

Get Realtime Updates

You need to know that the equipment you booked will show up when and where it needs to be. To make sure nothing falls through the cracks, we make every rental company confirm every order, even if their system says the equipment is available.

For this reason, when you book equipment, you get a confirmation that you requested a booking. You get another confirmation when the supplier guarantees the booking. You also get other notifications reminding you when an order is finishing so you’re not overcharged for equipment once you’re done with it.

Pickup & Delivery

Booking equipment is only half the battle; if that machine doesn’t get to your jobsite at the right time, it’s no good to you.

Rental companies that list on OpenLot are responsible for getting equipment to you as promised. When you book equipment on OpenLot, we automatically confirm that the rental company will be able to deliver that equipment to your job location at the required time. If it can’t be done, we don’t let you book. We’d rather lose a rental than let you down.

Pickup & Delivery

Not every job goes as planned. We get that, and we make it easy to adjust when plans change.

From the time of booking to long after, we make it easy to manage your rentals. From one click cancellation to easy receipt retrieval, we make it easy to control your rental while you’re on the go – without having to call anyone.

Search & Compare

Imagine you’re in the west end of the city and you need an excavator to dig a 10 foot deep trench. You know there are different machines at different shops that will do the job, but you need to find the right machine at the best TOTAL price. Oh yeah, and it’s after hours.

Even if you know the rental rates at different shops – and who knows if you’re getting their best rate – you have to call around to get delivery quotes. For a short rental, delivery can end up costing as much as the total rental!

OpenLot gives you all the information you need to make a decision: equipment specs, availability, rental company, and all-in, roundtrip delivery costs. You get information up front that you can’t find without a half dozen phone calls – or sometimes not at all.


When you book equipment from a rental company, you’re starting a business relationship with them. Our job is to help build trust between you and the rental company.

You want to be sure that the equipment you book will arrive when and where you need it. The rental company wants to know you’re a real person, you’ll treat their equipment well, and they’ll be covered by their insurance if something goes wrong.

To help you and the equipment supplier build trust, we require shops to confirm all rentals – even though their system says it’s available. We also collect the same information from you – name, address, government ID – that the rental company collects from every offline customer. Last, we preauthorize your credit card for the rental amount before the shop confirms your order (so the shop knows you can pay), but we only charge you once the order is confirmed.

We are always upfront and completely transparent about the rental rate. There are no additional booking fees.

Realtime Updates
Order Received

When you click “book”, a notification is sent to the rental shop asking them to confirm the order. At the same time, we send you a notification to confirm that your request was sent.


Once a rental shop has confirmed an order, you are sent a notification that includes what equipment you ordered and the contact information for the shop you rented from. This tells you the rental company has the equipment you need in stock and available and that it will be delivered when and where you requested it.


The morning of a rental, we send the rental company a notification that lists all the rentals they must deliver that day. This way, they don’t forget to deliver equipment as promised, and you don’t need to confirm that they remember your order.


Once a piece of equipment is delivered, the rental begins. If there’s ever a problem with or change to delivery, you have the rental company’s contact information in the confirmation notification. You can always contact OpenLot directly as well, either by calling or emailing .


When your rental period is almost over, we send you a reminder that you will need to call it off rent (some equipment doesn’t need to be called off rent; we let you know either way). You also have the option of extending your rental.

Delivery & Pickup

OpenLot automatically calculates delivery and pickup costs for your jobsite and confirms that the rental company can deliver for that time at that location.

The delivery fees we show you at booking are two-way, all-in fees. They cover the complete delivery and pickup. You can also choose to pickup equipment yourself, and we recommend that option for some smaller tools.

If you’re renting multiple pieces of equipment from the same supplier, it’s possible that you may have reduced delivery charges depending on what you’re renting. For these cases, we recommend you call us at .


We understand that sometimes a job might take longer than expected or that you might want to cancel your order. OpenLot lets you manage your order without calling anyone and without any hassle.

Whether it’s calling equipment off rent, managing and printing receipts, or sending referrals, everything about your past, current, and future orders can be managed through OpenLot.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call us at or email .